Setting up of AVD and SDK in Android Studio for IONIC

1. Install Android Studio (
2. Open Android Studio

Setting up of AVD

android avd
1. Click on Tools -> Android -> AVD Manager
new avd
2. Click on Create Virtual Device…
select hardware
3. Choose the hardware (say, Phone -> Nexus 5X)
4. Click on Next

sel sys img
sel sys img 2
5. Select a system and download it.
6. After completing the download, Select it and click Next
set nam avd
7. Provide a name for the AVD and click Finish.
8. The new AVD will display in “Your Virtual Devices
9. To run the AVD, click on RUN button.
open avd

Setting up of SDK

andr sdk
1. Click on Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager
down sdk reqd
2. Select all the desired SDK Platforms and click Apply.
down sdk reqd 2
3. Click on SDK Tools menu and select all the red marks in the above image. [Android Emulator, Android SDK Platform Tools, Android SDK Tools, Documentation for Android SDK, Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer), Support Repository]
4. Click Apply to download and then OK.

Setting up System Variable

C prop
Adv sys set
env set
1. Right click on Computer Icon -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables…
sys var new
2. Click New… under System variables and then click OK.
java opt
3. Enter the Variable name: “_JAVA_OPTIONS
4. Enter the Variable value: “-Xmx512M
5. Click OK

Thank you


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